Spring Is A Perfect Time To Take Up Birding

As the weather finally warms, a robin pecking in the muddy grass is a welcomed sight of spring.


Birding - also called bird watching - is the activity of observing birds. You already enjoy birding a bit, why not take it up a notch and make it a hobby? This relaxing pastime is for all nature enthusiasts!


Here are some tips for your first time out bird watching in the prairie of Morris, Minnesota!


Bring Binoculars

Although this hobby requires very little gear, binoculars are a great asset to ensure your first time is a success. A basic pair of binoculars will allow you to scan the prairie and tree lines until you spot an interesting bird. Then zoom in to view the beautiful features of the bird in detail.


Blog Graphic - Morris 

Take Notes

To truly enjoy birding, at least some aviary knowledge is required. Instead of trying to learn through the internet without experience, just bring a notepad to take notes on your first time out. Write down questions you have while birding. Make observation notes about features on a bird you spotted to identify it later. Taking notes will help make your first time out birding more memorable and help you learn more!



Connect With Resources

The internet is not your only resource for birding information! Connect with our local Audubon chapter and form relationships with other nature enthusiasts who care about birds. You might find a mentor there or perhaps another knowledgeable relative to guide you with bird watching. As you are out birding, utilize your phone with some helpful apps. This birding app list should make starting smoother.



Morris is the perfect place to enjoy birding; over 300 species of birds have been spotted in the Morris Wetland Management District.


This spring, get out for a walk with binoculars, a notepad, your phone and perhaps a friend to start bird watching!