4 Ways to Escape the Cold in Morris, Minnesota

Minnesota winters are notoriously chilly. With it being so cold, you might find yourself searching for ways to escape it.


There’s no need to escape the cold by spending extra money to go to a tropical beach, you can also escape the cold right here in Morris. Check out these four ways to escape the cold.


Morris, MN - Winter 

Go to a Movie

Everyone loves a good movie. Every week, there are several movies being released. Check out the new releases each week and choose one to watch in the Morris Theatre. This is a great way to have a laid-back escape from the cold.


Try Some New Food

Morris has many great eateries. Try something new at one of our local bars, cafes and restaurants. Visit Mi Mexico for something south of the border. Eat at China Panda for some oriental cuisine. Or you could always just enjoy a night out eating pizza at the Pizza Ranch or Ad No 1!



Go Bowling

Another fun way to escape the cold is with bowling at the Crystal Lanes & Entertainment Center. Enjoy a fun night bowling with a group of friends and family. If you’re really into it, you can even make it a competition with prizes for the top scores!


Catch a Live Performance

Escape the cold in Morris by seeing a live performance at The University of Minnesota, Morris. It’s a great way to enjoy entertainment, stay warm and support the performing arts put on by the University. They have a great list of events and dates on their website so you can easily plan out the perfect evening to go.


Now you know four ways to easily escape the cold right here in Morris while supporting the community at the same time. You can also keep warm by having dinner at a local restaurant, supporting the university athletes by attending their games, and many more options. Contact Morris Tourism for more recommendations on things to do to escape the cold this winter.